Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Update 2 about the man with the $800,000 briefcase...

If this guy is a rabid anti-Chavista, then I am Mother Theresa.

Look at the Chavista sticker "Ahora Venezuela es de todos"

Such a lovely chavista rojo rojito car... this is the man who was caught with a suitcase with $800,000... while he was on a racing competition called the "Gumball Rally".

Team 77: (Venezuela) T7255BBC
Alejandro Antonini, Venezuelan
Franklin Duran, Venezuelan
2004 Ferrari 360 Spider F1

So, the guy is not an escualid, he is a member of "el proceso" and he was LAUNDERING MONEY to Argentina. What else? Maybe to Mrs. Cristina Kirchner electoral campaing?

Now, my question is... the scumbag of Mario Silva had to know this information... right? Why he dropped his name? And, why that Antonini guy said he was member of the Chavez comitee?

Is this another red cloud so Mr. Chavez can advance into the approval of his comunist constitutional reform? I don't know.

Remember for how much money Carlos Andrés Perez had to leave office.

Photo: Via Megaresistencia.

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