Wednesday, August 08, 2007

An update about the man with the US$ 800,000 briefcase

(Photo: via Megaresistencia) Today, still, there's no words about who really is this guy who was caught with $800,000 trying to get in to Argentina on a very late night flight on a private plane last weekend.

The Chavista worm from La Hojilla denied the guy is a public official, and claims that this guys is in fact, a rabid anti-Chavista business man called Guido Antonini, who have connections with Global BAE Systems, a company related with making arms.

But, the Argentinian government hasn't confirmed the identity of that man with the briefcase with the dollars. But, Guido Antonini is missing, nobody knows where he is, so he might very well be the man. But, what the Argentinians did confirmed is that here was indeed an Argentinian officer from their embassy in Venezuela in that plane, named Claudio Uberti. Mr. Uberti is the person resposible from the Argentinian government to do business with the Venezuelan government.

Well, if Antonini is indeed such a rabid anti-Chavista (like the Hojillero worm Mario Silva described him), seems he likes to do business with them, right? Otherwise, what is he doing on the same private plane that only carried 6 people for that trip, with the top Argentinian embassy official in charge to do business with the Chavista government? A man who is welcome with open arms in Miraflores??

That's the question that Descifrado posted today on its website.


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