Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Venezuelan found with non declared US $800,000 in Argentina

Via Plasmático at Megaresistencia.

A private plane, 6 people, 4 Venezuelans, 2 Argentinians. 1 found with US $ 800,000 in cash. Before he was found with the money, he said he was from the personal committee of Hugo Chavez, who apparently is planning a trip to Argentina very soon. The man resisted many times with Argentinian customs his briefcase to be checked. He said he was carrying "books". But the customs insisted and let him known that he keep resisting he was going to jail. After this incident, a judge suddenly decreed total silence about this incident. The funny thing that the reporter is mentioning, is that usually, in these type of cases of contraband, the news becomes very public to the media. In this case, a judge irrumped to decreed secresy about it. What and who are they hiding? We know the personal affection of the crooks Nestor and Cristina Kirchner with Hugo Chavez. They share a lot of love $$$$$$. Yeah.

In the meantime, while the story was breaking live in Buenos Aires, Chavez, in Venezuelan national TV, was talking with Cristina Kirchner one a "cadena" about how much "cheap" oil Venezuela has sold to USA during so many years. Cheap? Hello? Did we have other clients around that I never heard about? Because the Americans pay on time and with cash, better than China and Cuba, Hugo. Chinese pay whenever they want, and Cuba, well, CUBA IS GETTING OIL BY TRADING SLAVES AND FIDEL IS RESELLING THEM. Those US $800,000 that your man is taking to Argentina for you to put on a secret account, are not coming from Fidel's account, which we know is pretty hefty, they are coming from those oil sales to America. You give away OUR OIL FOR FREE TO CUBA! What are you talking about? He should be hanged on a public square for treason only because of this.

It's too early in the morning to have my blood boiling that bad!

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