Thursday, August 02, 2007

So, what Sean Penn knows about soiled and bloodstained underwear anyway?

"Dear President Chavez, with all respect, you can't dictate that people can't call you a dictator. The old saying goes: if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and looks like a duck, it's probably a duck. This is why people call you a dictator. You have taken absolute control over Venezuela's institutions, which is the chief characteristic of a dictator. You admit proudly to indoctrinating Venezuelans in the ideology of your revolution, which is a dictionary definition of a dictator. You have made media criticism that you deem to be disrespectful of your authority a crime, which is exactly what dictators do. So in all fairness to those who are free to form their opinions of you from what they perceive in everyday life, you should admit that it is not specious for a person to call you a dictator."

Don't miss the rest of this translation on Miguel's blog about this excellent commentary by Michael Rowan about how Chavez is hanging himself in his own loop of words when he dictates than any foreigner who call him a dictator has to be expelled from the country. Hugo, your comments are priceless!

What´s up with those two faces? Maybe they didn´t like each other as much as I thought so.
Photo Credits: REUTERS/Miraflores Palace (VENEZUELA)

Now, many of you know that Mr. Sean Penn is in Venezuela praising Mr. Dictator's work of authoritarianism and thuggery to his own countryman and country. I can't forgive to myself how much I enjoyed the Penn's characters of Jeff Spicoli in Fast Track at Ridgemont High, and so many other characters he has played all along his very successful Hollywood career. Unfortunately, he is and has been a total asshole from a long time now. I have heard many comments of Venezuelans who are totally caught by surprise than Sean Penn is in Venezuela making friends with Hugo. I also have heard things like he doesn´t know what kind of rat Hugo Chavez really is. What? Are we Chavistas now? That´s exactly like Chavismo when they say that Chavez doesn´t know what´s really is going on. Please Venezuelans, grow up. You guys out there are very mistaken if you think Spicoli has no idea what kind of person Hugo Chavez really is. Why the surprise? Nobody reads the news anymore? The cuckoo comments of Sean Penn? But, who talks like that? If Chavez would speak English he would have said something pretty much like Penn's comments. And with the "soiled and bloodstained underwear" part too, of course.

But... but... but...wait a minute, who was hidden and caught in the Military Museum with his soiled and crapped pants on April 11, 2002? Hello Sean? Nop, it wasn't GWB, it was none other than your new BBF Hugo!!!! (also a little bit of history for those Ché fans, he crapped his pants when he finally was caught and killed). Why this is so surprising to anybody that Penn is with Chavez now? My poor countryman cannot understand how come this guy is doing what he is doing. There's nothing to understand in here folks. When are the rest of Venezuelans going to open their eyes and recognize who are our international enemies? I don't see his movies anymore since that terrible one, Mystic River, I think he got an Oscar from (I hated it) but more than anything else, because he has become a total asshole, his public persona is interfering with his career big time and he is not gonna get a single penny from me anymore. Sorry for the loyal liberals who are reading me, but many of our international enemies are liberals. Michael Savage is right to say that liberalism is a mental disorder, since many of them have gone total crazy. Nothing to understand in here. I am sorry if I offending anyone, but long gone are the days of the good liberal, the sensible liberal principles that I admire and their great leadership, like Luther King and JFK.

Now, Penn, who never has step foot on a barrio in Venezuela, would step foot on them, and be told this and that, look Mr. Penn, look what we have done, and since Mr. Penn has no reference at all about what were the conditions of those barrios before Chavez, he, being the total asshole than he is, will say something like this, "AhhhaaahAhhhhhh... what a great dude is this Dictator! He really is doing something for the poor in here! He really looks like Jesus man. And he hates Bush too! How cool is that? I am so speechless of the good heart of this man!"

And so on, like Cameron Diaz faux-pas of carrying a bag with the Shining Path´s slogan in Perú, Hollywood walks around the world with their Chanel rose colored glasses...

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