Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahmadinejad in Columbia


I am very happy that Columbia invited this new version of Hitler (see also here) to speak at Columbia University and didn't withdraw the invitation so we all could hear the madness of this man alive. History in the making. On a note of criticism for Columbia, they should have defended freedom of speech with the same passion that they did with Ahmadinejad, protecting the right of speech of the Minuteman event who was savagely boycotted by the students as well as allowing some conservatives to speech in there. How many conservatives speak on Columbia? Just asking. And, as far of other liberal places, like NPR, which is an institution who works with the taxes of ALL AMERICANS, they should have allowed the interview of the President with Juan Williams. C'mon.

The question and answer session was a total joke from Ahmadinejad side. Among other jokes he has just said that there are not homosexuals in Iran "the same way you have them here in America", and also he couldn't explain on why is it that he needs more and more, and more and more research about the Holocaust. He also couldn't answer the question about if Iran wants to destroy or not Israel. A simple yes or no. What an ass...

For how long will this farce will go on? Would the world let Iran assassinate in one day the same amount of people that Hitler took a decade to accomplish?

I am so hoping that the next invitee will be Hugo Chavez.

Give them rope...

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