Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Venezuelan Constititional reform revisited

Cartoon by Roberto Weil, Tal Cual.

Daniel from Venezuela News and Views had a great idea to build up a commentary project about the Venezuelan Constitutional reform. The project is a collaboration of many Venezuelans analyzing in detail each and every article proposed for a change by our very tropical Dictator. Don't miss to read my take on art. 141.

Based on what this new constitution "proposes", this constitutional reform won't be a reform of a democratic constitution at all but simply a creation of a new constitution based on communist principles, where the idea of individual citizenship and rights, private property and all those democratic goodies that we are used to, will be stripped down from our lives. It seems that in the mind of Hugo Chavez the devil took over, like on Weil's cartoon, he must be living on the beginning of the XX century and communism hasn't been proven to be a horrible system who enslave the people and stimulate a very corrupted class of bureaucrats, or maybe that's exactly what the devil wants.

Once again, fascism is taking over a democratic country by taking advantage of their democratic institutions.

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