Friday, September 28, 2007

Ahmadinejad on a Venezuelan plane in Bolivia.

Can someone explain to Venezuelan citizens what is up with this picture?

"Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, fresh from his New York stinky stint, went to Bolivia. What could possibly be Bolivian and Iranian common interests escapes me completely, as it also seems to escape some in the Bolivian opposition. Though apparently there are nasty rumors that Iran would love to be looking for possible uranium deposits in the Altiplano. Whatever these are, Ahmadinejerk landed today in Santa Cruz with his Iranian air 747 for a "technical" stop. From there he flew to La Paz, but NOT in his plane. The plane that we saw on TV landing in La Paz with a deplaning Ahmadinejerk was a Venezuelan plane that strangely looked exactly as the Chavez personal Airbus paid at Venezuelan taxpayer expense."

- Daniel Duquenal, Venezuela News and Views.

The nerve of Hugo Chavez to use an official Venezuelan plane to drive around this terrorist all over Latin America, like we are his personal driver. Why this is allowed to happen? What's going on inside the military?? Why they are allowing Cubans to do whatever they want inside Venezuelan soil. Why allowing this??????

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