Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's behind Chavez putting on the table the Gulf OF VENEZUELA with Uribe???

"The question is what could Hugo Chávez win and what would have the country to give up as a result of the president's offer" (Photo: AP). Via El Universal.

Why Hugo Chavez is putting on the table the Gulf OF VENEZUELA negotiation with our neighbor Colombia while meeting with Uribe regarding the FARC negotiation? The Colombians were not even whispering about it at all.

This, clearly, benefits much more our Colombian neighbors that Venezuela. So why Hugo spoke first clearly against the benefit of his own country? Could it be that he really cannot care less about his own country? Madness has a limit, you know. He's putting on risk Venezuela's source of income and even food production.

Another intent of Hugo Chavez to put Uribe's and his cabinet on his side? The losses would be bigger than the winnings in the long run, no?

They say everything and everybody have a price, but this, in reality, I don't understand. Chavez while maybe putting Uribe on his side is destroying the source of his power, because by destroying Venezuela, he is destroying himself.

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