Monday, September 03, 2007

Manuel Marulanda + Hugo Chavez = BFF (*)

The one in front of the picture is Manuel Marulanda, or Comandante Tirofijo, leader of the FARC, the guys on the back, two guerrilla members I suppose, are gossiping, and one say to the other: "Everybody knows that the donkeys have the same type of hair when they understand each other"

This is in reference to the Chavez meeting with the FARC to "solve" the Colombian problem with the kidnapped.

Ahhhh... how cute, I am gonna cry. Why don't we give Chavez a shiny golden Nobel Prize for his friendship with Marulanda that will help Uribe score a big plus one into solving this problem for Colombians?

But, a dirty little secret: No help for the Venezuelan kidnapped by the FARC inside Venezuelan soil. Nop, no intercession from Pharaoh Chavez to their fellow countryman. (The link is a Spanish language news about the ganaderos (cattle people) from Venezuela -Fedenaga- asking Chavez to ALSO pay some attention to them). Related news also here.

How come his kidnapped countryman ganaderos are not important for this peaceful leader from Venezuela?

(*)= Best Friends Forever

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