Saturday, September 01, 2007

I have read BS and then this...

Kate has sent me a link that make me sick of my stomach. Let's pray that when this man falls from his red cloud he won't kill himself from the shock.

"The Bolivarian Constitution is a glorious document, fundamentally different in spirit and letter from its US counterpart it shames by comparison. Before Chavez took office in February, 1999, Venezuela only paid lip service to civil liberties, human rights and needs. They're now mandated by law. It encompasses an impressive array of basic rights and essential services like government-paid health care, education, housing, employment and human dignity enforced and funded by a caring government as the law requires."

Then, why the urgency of Mr. Chavez to change this constitution?

I have no words. This man repeats like a parrot the Chavista institutionalized propaganda about the participatory democracy, about the constitution, without analyzing anything that is happening there. Or, more important, he really have no mention whatsoever the lack of respect that Chavismo has shown to follow the law. The same law that they changed in 1999, and they keep changing, and want to change again with this ilegal constitutional reform.

Just follow Venezuelan news and you will find the pattern.

Chavez has demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that he doesn't have any respect for the constitution that he created, not even for his own words.

Another examples of this Chavismo criminal attitude, I can quote, this article that Miguel posted recently, and this one. And these are only two examples of many. As a matter of fact, the biggest problem of Chavismo, not what they say, but what they do.

For anyone to understand what's going on in Venezuela, one shouldn't be that gullible and believe into every single reading coming from the Chavista propaganda ministry that they spread like evangelicals at any opportunity they have, but research about WHAT THEY DO. This is very important, because the Bolivarian revolution of Mr. Chavez is a totally different animal in paper than in real life. Chavez and his group of thugs say one thing, and do another completely different.

On top of this, the reform of the Venezuelan Constitution is not as participatory as Mr. Lendman believes. According to Venezuelan constitutionalist laywer and Prof. Herman Escarra, the reform of the constitution is more autoritharian than the Spanish rule, the Gomecist and the Perez Jimenez period.

This video is an explanation of Dr. Escarrá about Chavez constitution and establishes a position on what the citizens who believe in democracy should do about. The video is terrible quality and has a lot of extra noise, it's hard to watch but the message of Dr. Escarrá must be listened by all Venezuelans. You can read it a resume in spanish of Dr. Escarrá's speech in here.

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