Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pathetic perfomance of "Primero Justicia".

If you cannot watch it, watch it here.

This is the most low-tragic-pathetic video I have seen in my entire life. Not because of the Chavistas, but for the guy dress in yellow trying to engage into a debate with them. PERO QUE PAPELON POR EL AMOR DE DIOS! CARAMBA!! I don´t know if this guy is guilty because he is naive or guilty because he is cooperating with them, an illegitimate proposal, discussed in front on an illegitimate congress. Dude, and I though Venezuela´s clown was Hugo Chavez.

What stupid game is this?

For the love of God, this opposition from hell! What are they trying to do? Moreover, they lost the middle class, do they really think they will get any low class sympathy?

I need some Pepto urgent, this is really disgusting.

Thanks for the video link to Janer from Megaresistencia.

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