Friday, August 31, 2007

Venezuelan government erasing information...

The "Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Comunicación y la Información" (too long to translate, but basically the Propaganda Ministry), works very efficiently. See, apparently the news that the dictator didn't want to become an indispensable caudillo, backpedaled all the plans that "El Presidente" has been working for lately, and all the BS he has talked in Aló Presidente to deceit the people about his communist plan, like he is a painter and the masterpiece cannot be touched by anybody else, etc etc.... sigh... In any case, this is the proof that the gobernment doesn't inform to the people but it only do propaganda for their interest. And the mediocre opposition, is still debating how are they going to vote for Chavez's constitutional dictatorship. What a shame.


And, today:

Yes... empty as Silly Flower's brain my darlings.

OMG! Is the government is trying to conceal that Hugo DOESN'T want to become a CAUDILLO?? Why the Minci erased Hugo Chavez words as of Sept 19, 2004?

How come am I not surprised??

I am telling you, today more than ever, the only responsibles for Venezuela still having this nightmare is the opposition.

NOTE: A fellow countryman's page ("O") have also the link for the same news, and also, the same news as per today, Aug 31, 2007 posted on another government news site, Radio Nacional de Venezuela. Mister "O" pointed out, that should be good for all to syncronize our watches and see how long does it takes for this page also to be erased and leave it blank by the government propaganda ministry.

Here's the screen shot, as per today, for all to see:

Tic, tic, tic...

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