Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chavez goes to the last frontier or when criminals get really creative

Is this a joke?

Well, how come am I surprised? If Baron Münchhausen where alive that's exactly the type of enterprise he would be into it. For once, I'll be happy if the whole Chavista crowd decided to take an interplanetary flight á la "Lost in the Space" and never return! They even had a whole set of Dr. Smiths on board their robolución (JVR, Jorgito Rodriguez, Isaias, Chaderton, Diosdado and Comandante Fausto, only to name a few). Phewww...

Now, seriously, could it be that The Pharaoh has decided to broadcast "Aló Presidente" on a Intergallactic level so the whole Galaxy can listen to him? Or, maybe he has decided to take the business of snooping around seriously? Or, this would be another money pit for the Chavismo for them to be able to do their little business with the Chinese and other partners under the table with a Top Secret label on it?

What do you think?

Hugo wins this time 1,000 Golden stars for creativity! He just surpassed their Italian Mafia teachers with flying colors.

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