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I apologize for not having been able to update the blog more often these days... but in between the Venezuelan visit of the ebony fashion queen who like to hit people with cel phones, saying that she is "seeing a lot of good changes in Venezuela", like she knew anything about Venezuela before Hugo Chavez, what I know is that she came to Canaima for a fashion shot in the past, probably she though that everybody in Venezuela lived on Indian huts and were slaves of the white man before savior of the world Hugo came, well, that and other fog curtains that Chavismo is feeding to the news to cover up what they are doing in regards to the constitutional coup they want to impose to the people by a "democratic" referendum, I didn't find anything worth to write... with the exception of the war that Chavismo is having against the Catholic church. But, I will write about that later. I am sick and tired.

There was this student march held yesterday to protest about the constitutional reform. If you want to see some excellent candid pictures about yesterday's student march, check out Ovario's blog. You know, there's so much I can tell you in words, but an image will tell much better. And, talking about images:

The above videos are some Chavista propaganda in reference to the student protest. Do I need to say more? This is the way the Chavista government is telling their side of the story.

On the first video the reporter is trying to play the tune that the police is the poor victim of the students. Those mighty super violent, terrorist students, and those poor, defenseless little cutsie policemen!

The second video is worst since they are saying that the student leaders are not real student leaders... of course, they don't say who they think they are, not even they offer a single proof that what they are trying to imply is true... they just say that those "students" are not real students. Yeah, we all know, they must be on the CIA payroll, all along with me... sigh... but where are the proofs then?

And the third one, I haven't seen completely, but is a resume of the protest made by "La Hojilla" a Chavista propaganda show that run on the state media VTV, now run by Chavistas. The purpose of the video was to put down the LEGITIMATE fight that students, civilians, and any Venezuelan is having on this moment against the regime who wants to convert Venezuela into a communist shit hole ruled by a lunatic military looser who thinks he is the new Pharaoh of the Universe.

In this cartoon by Weil, the caveman is saying in his Tarzan-esque language: "Debate, me, win!" This, in reference to the close door policy that the Congress has been having in regards to the "national denate". Nobody has been able to say anything unless you are a Chavista and support the farce. The students, and opposition political parties have been denied the entrance to the "national debate". According to big-mouth Chavez, the constitutional reform was for all to discuss about it, but, to understand Chavismo, you have to pay attention to what they do, not the BS they say.

So, in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, the only ones who can protests and behave like cavemen are the Chavistas. Otherwise, you will be subject to the Chavista media and they cowardly will play the victim card!

In the meantime, on the Internet, in youtube for example, you can find a flood of pro-chavista users like Radio Aporrea doing some damaging control, giving their version of these protest, playing the victim card, of course. Hhhmmmm... that's a hint there... what does this tells you? The government doesn't want the citizens on the streets by any mean, they are afraid of them... they are simply behaving like the criminals and the cowards they are.

And, minutes ago, inside the Congress, they are working with unusual speediness approving the constitutional reform, illegitimately (nobody voted for that congress). No objections, whatever you say my master Hugo. As a matter of fact, the "thing" is already ready for printing. What do you know? Your vote is not even necessary! Duh!

The computer is asking the user if he wants it to vote for him, to avoid the hypocrisy.

I say it before, and I say it now, I repeat and subscribe what constitutional lawyers say: this "reform" is not an electoral matter. The Chavismo is trying to give a constitutional coup with this "reform" referendum and all the citizens are called to stop it, not by voting, since our rights are not on discussion by electoral or any matter, but by preventing this illegality.

UPDATE: As per today Friday, there has been street disturbances in Maracaibo, Venezuela due to the suspension of internal student elections at the LUZ (The University of Zulia), and the death of two university students. I will keep you posted what's going on, but apparently is a confrontation between Chavista and opposition students. In Caracas, students from the UCAB and the USB universities have kept the streets blocked as symbol of protest.

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