Monday, October 15, 2007

Hugo's enemies or the stuff that America is made of

Three of the reasons on why I am such a junky for the goofy sci-fi show "Stargate Sg-1", now exported to "Stargate Atlantis" are: One, there is nothing impossible in this sci-fi serie, I love that. Second, I loooove the character of Col. Jack O'Neill. And, last but not least, I also really, really like the character of Major Samantha Carter.

Major Carter is one of the best feminine role model to young women out there. Major Carter was this smart blonde, with a theoretical Astrophysics PhD, who was appointed to the highest classified mission in the U.S, the Stargate program. For those who doesn't know what the Stargate was, it was this device that an ancient civilization created to travel to other worlds. So, guess what, she could even get to travel to other words and fight aliens all along with handsome Col. O'Neill. Mayor Carter now is Col. Carter and she is the head of the city of Atlantis operations in the Pegasus galaxy.

Needless to say that Col. Carter, brilliant and beautiful, also kick serious ass, and she is not the typical airhead beauty with no brains sex symbol that is so common in the TV world. She doesn't have to show cleavage to be in her role.

Funny thing is that women like her really exist. A great example are these two women:

Major Nichole Malachowski, and Major Samantha Weeks. They are members of an elite flight squadron of the U.S. Air Force called the "Thunderbirds". I have the pleasure to see them performing last weekend and I couldn't believe it. I cannot imagine how many people they had to compete against to get this position, men and women. These two pilots are la créme de la créme among many fine pilots in the US Air force. They made it look sooo easy! And then I remember I am always terrified to get in the ferris wheel at Disneyland! I am so proud to see women like her. I only wish they were given more space on the news than Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

You can read their bios in the Thunderbirds official page.

Yes, these two brilliant, beautiful and skilled women are part of the U.S. Military. Those who go to Iraq to eat babies for breakfast and that Hugo Chavez and Sean Penn despise so much. Do you think have they been in Chavista Venezuela that Pharaoh Hugo would have offer them the room and the resources needed for these two girls to become the two great woman that they are now?

And how about Lt. Mark Jennings Daily? The history of this guy really touched my heart. What a beautiful person, inside and out.

Something about the U.S. Military has a lot to do with the American spirit and the people of this great country. I have been watching this series, called The War, a must for anybody who like history, and they remind us how much they (the U.S military) have accomplished to their country and to the world. Just to remind you, as per Dec 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor attack, the U.S. military was the size of Rumania's military, by the end of WWII, America was producing half of the total world's production. And, obviously, the majority was military equipment made by Rosie the riveter. On tactics, they were totally unprepared to fight with the Germans, their first encounter in 1943 (down in Africa with Rommel) they didn't know how to fight. According to Gen.Montgomery from the British troops, he mentioned that if Americans didn't put their shit together they will become more a liability than a help in Europe. But then came the invasion of Italy, and the Battle of Normandy where Americans had it very bad, and yet they managed to keep Omaha and Utah beach and force the Germans to back off. The rest is history.

Yes readers, this is the stuff that Americans are made off that Hugo Chavez and others resents so much. This is the Imperial military, an institution that helps to develop young men and women into very fine people. Of course, like any other institution, they have their bad apples as well, but they are not the common.

They are more a great example than the make believe monsters that the media portraits.

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