Friday, October 12, 2007

I prefer 10,000 times to stay with Chavez over Rosales!

Let's be very clear, this man who is touring the word representing Venezuela's opposition DOESN'T represent me and many at all.

He stopped represented me the day he lost the elections to Hugo Chavez on Dec 2006. Not because he lost it, we really never gonna know the real results. He called the people to vote, under a very shady electoral conditions (An electotal council run by Chavista partisans, just like right now, therefore my "we never gonna know the real results"), and said he was gonna fight until the last vote. Well, all the votes were not totally counted when Rosales was already giving a concession speech (remember that he said he was gonna fight to prove every single vote was real and OK).

He clearly was used by Hugo Chavez to make believe this is a democratic process that is running smoothly.

Well, Rosales is again playing the part of the "opposition", this time visiting Thomas Shannon, US Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

"Rosales told AFP nonetheless that "we are suggesting to the US government the possibility of pressuring in international organizations so that the reforms can be made public, debated, and so the (Chavez) government lengthens the time frame" in which it is to be considered.

"The government is setting out to change, in three short months, the basic principles of the Venezuelan constitution," Rosales said."

I hope that the reader's curious mind will NOTICE who the electoral conditions are not even mentioned in this meeting. The reform debate is of course, important, and lengthening the time of this absurd discussion is important as well, but, these "opposition" people are asking the people, once again, to vote, because they will fight, again, until the last vote, and they will undercover Chavez's fraud, if any, and they will make sure that the elections were transparent. Yes, just like the last time. Nobody asked for one list to be checked, one ballot to be recounted, nyet! Nothing.

The electoral conditions to take this illegitimate reform to elections HAS to be something important to talk about with Shannon, don't you think?

This are few of the electoral conditions and the principal reason of why many Venezuelans swear they won't ever will vote again, until this is not corrected: A 100% Chavista partisan electoral council, electronic machines who has been proven and super ultra proven how easy they are to hack, or altered. A tampered voter registration list with all kind of aliens who are not legal to vote, thousands of people having the same address (obviously they are not real). Only these 3 conditions are enough to question any electoral process.

All of these has been proven, but hey, this is not important for Rosales that he doesn't even mentioned them to Shannon.

Who is this guy wants to foul??

But, on top of the electoral conditions, which this VICHY opposition is pushing, there's a bigger problem that they has decided not to talk about: taking this reform to vote, the way Chavez is doing it, is not the legitimate way to do it. Why? Because it violates the original principles of the previous one. And it is explicitly explained in here if you want to know more in deep. But, seems very few Venezuelans care about this. So they are talking about the debate, the reform, lengthening the period of discussion, talking it to elections, but they are not talking about the electoral conditions, and moreover the fact that this is not an electoral matter by any means.

I am not supporting illegalities activities from one side nor the "other".

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