Friday, October 12, 2007

"An ignorant country is blind instrument of their own destruction", -Simón Bolívar

Under this famous quote of Simón Bolívar, many Venezuelan organizations (and bloggers) are desperately trying to untangled the trap of this Constitutional reform proposed by the continental clown who likes to dress in red. Why a trap? Because he talks to the masses and being the snake charmer he is, he tells them, let me do this, let me do that, I need to become indefinite president since I am the master painter of this socialist reform in Venezuela, etc... etc... Many people specially from humble backgrounds think it is OK to let him reform the constitution, they trust his words and will let him change the democratic spirit of the constitution thinking this is the best route for the country, and in the end, they will be giving away all the democratic rights and duties that our forefathers fought for... so...

In this order, one of these groups that is also doing their job is the Gumilla Center (Centro Gumilla), a social research and investigative center from the Jesuits. They just opened a radio show (and blog) dedicated only to the reform. They are inviting Venezuelans from all walk of life to talk, both Chavista and opposition. As you can imagine, some invitees I endorse more than others, but it is good to listen to all. I recommend everybody to listen to this show. Something good can come from it. It's in spanish.

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