Saturday, October 06, 2007

I want to know your opinion...

Poster by David Garibaldi.

Dear reader,

I finally found how to have music on the blog and so I feel like a monkey with a new toy. However, after receiving this email from Steven:

Feathers, thanks for the video. However, my initial experience was mixed. As soon as I started playing it, the Imeem music player started playing something else. It sounded nice, but at that moment I couldn't figure out where it was coming from and it was interfering with Simon. Please, please don't play music automatically when someone visits your page. That violates a commandment of web design, somewhere. Still, it exposed me to Imeem and to some artists that I never heard of. -Steven

I may consider it to turn off the auto on. So, I made this little poll on the upper right side of the blog to found out what´s the general feeling about it.

If it will make you not coming back, then I prefer to turn it off so it will be up to the reader to turn it on if they want to hear music.


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