Thursday, October 04, 2007


While some foreigners might entertain themselves and having a laugh listening to Chavez singing (he came up with a CD called "Canciones de siempre" , hey! I have an idea why Mr. Chavez quit the presidency and leave it to someone who wants to take it seriously and become a professional singer? I don´t think he will do good though, baseball player, military, president, all being a failure, don´t think he would do better as a singer. Maybe as a clown...), some of them who never heard the word "Venezuela" before Chavez, might think Chavez represent our identity as Venezuelans, that is, there´s nothing as Venezuelan as Hugo Chavez. I simple cannot disagree more.

If I have to name with a surname and a last name Venezuelan music I would pick Simón Diaz. His songs, like "Caballo Viejo", are among the most popular folk songs in the world.

But looks who is listening! None other than Carlos Andés Perez, the president in those days. Oh, how painful, I suddenly went back to those days and make a quick comparison with today. Gosh, how bad we have fallen. Even though the government of Carlos Andrés Perez (CAP) was corrupted like the others, and even more when his first presidency due to oil prices and the nationalization of the oil industry, and he was one of the causes that brought a mutant like Hugo Chavez to power, we cannot even compare his time to what´s happening right now in Venezuela. And we certainly cannot compare CAP the persona, his party member of the International Socialist, with Hugo Chavez, a socialist that cannot even get one of his socialist parties a membership with the famous socialist organization. Not even the real "left" like the ideological tortilla of Chavez. Carlos Andrés at least tried to fix the economy in his second period and Venezuelans didn´t let him do it.

I have to say about Carlos Andrés, he didn´t took over the democratic institutions of the country the way Chavez has done, he could have done it in his first time. CAP was also the first person that I heard talking about the Internet as the "road" of the future (those were the old days just before the era of the "brick" cel phones, late 80´s-early 90´s), the man had a vision that unfortunately is not the same "vision" than our current president have, one was looking ahead and watching over the interest of his country, the other has exactly the opposite "vision". To destroy, impoverish his people, take our constitutional democratic rights, let the Cubans invade our country, take care of Colombian nationals kidnaps but don´t intervene with the Venezuelans who also have been kidnapped by the FARC, give away our money to countries abroad (Bolivia, Argentina, the Bronx!) like if the most needed Venezuelans don't need it, and some Venezuelans haven´t woke up, they still thinking that they will "vote" to show they are not in agreement with the president and he will listen to them. Why are people doing talking about statistics and polls? That's very foolish.

We cannot say about CAP that he was a traitor to democracy and his country the way that Chavismo and the head of the band, Hugo Chavez, is doing with the country who watched him born.

I have no words to describe the mixed feeling when I watched this video. We were very HAPPY and we didn´t know it. I never was an ADECA, but today I think I am.

hat tip to Miguel for the link.

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