Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Menomena: "Evil Bee".

A friend sent me this really well made but kind of weird cgi music video that you won't regret watching it.

The artists are giving us their perspective, as individuals and humans we are, about living the way that Bees live. Or, imagine the Bees have conscience of their own individuality, as we do. Oh! The paradise of working on a socialist commune! Seems that today, a hundred years of communist (and fascist) failure and repression, still for some ugly people out there they don't know better than the bees, go figure. Taken from PS-flyers.

The "Evil Bee" video was underwritten by PF Flyers as a way to support a group of artists that we view as kindred spirits. Not only does Menomena share our passion for detail and design, but they have consistently pushed the envelope with their creativity, earning them rave reviews and loyal fans along the way. This animated video for the song “Evil Bee” (from their current album Friend and Foe) explores the darker side of life for a worker bee and can be seen exclusively here on pfflyers.com until October 31, 2007.

You Tube link here.
Lyrics here.

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