Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ohh Surprise, look who is behind the attacks to the students!

A reader of the The Devil´s Excrement blog posted the link for this pictures.

The face of this guy is very familiar... I have seen him before.

Note how many of the motorcycles used by yesterday´s gunman who entered the Universidad Central de Venezuela are from the police! Oh Surprise!

Is that a shotgun?

Keeping up with the mafia theme, well, do I have to say more? The thugs of the mafia Chavista are also part of the city police, we all knew that but now we have the in fraganti pictures that shows exactly what they are up to.

It is important to mention that yesterday the police as well as the National Guard, who were surrounding the university, let this armed thugs on motorcycles enter the university.

This looks very well orchestrated from the top. Fortunately, there is the photo record that proves the involvement of the Chavismo in the attacks towards the students.

The same threatening patter of Chavista thugs on motorbikes terrorizing students was also seen this morning in other cities of the country, like in Merida, the biggest student town of Venezuela. GWEH posted this news (in Spanish) and photo links here, here, and here.

The threatening billboard from the supporters of the mafiosi Hugo Chavez reads: Yes to the constitutional reform. If you cross the line of the Domingo Salazar (a street, I imagine), you will get gun (or gunpowder). In other words, they are telling whoever reads this, that if you participate in X protest against them and crosses X street, you will be gunned by then.

This is a lovely fascist demonstration of love and tolerance from il capo Hugo Chavez towards the citizens who are against his attempt to change our democratic constitution into a Monarchy of corruption, power and impunity for them and the international organized crime that hide under his protection.

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