Thursday, November 08, 2007

A tip to the FBI from feathers...

Dear FBI,

Hello! I understand that you want to know where is Luciano Martin Arango aka Iván Marquez, a FARC terrorist, and that you are offering a 5 million dollar reward. Well... I KNOW WHERE HE IS!

See? The man is in Caracas, Venezuela, on a meeting with the evil clown who likes to red in dress on the right! He looks a little bit fat though. Must be this diplomatic living that the Chavista government of Venezuela is giving to the FARC.

Receiving the diplomatic statesmen treatment by Hugo Chavez and Piedad Cordoba, Colombian Senator.

Mr. Peacenik Chavez saving the world and Ingrid Bethancourt all along with the good'ol terrorist of the FARC, but in the meantime Venezuelans are almost over the edge of a civil war, thanks to the hateful speech and the actions of you-know-who...

This "mediatic show" is al about Colombian people who has been kidnapped, and for the ones who are reading me and don't know why I put the clown nose to Chavez, is because this the most cruel slap on the faces of Venezuelans, specially the ones who live across the border. This is the most sinister face of Hugo Chavez. When he is meeting with this terrorist about Colombian prisoners, he doesn't even talk about the Venezuelan cattle people and farmers who are ALSO been kidnapped by the FARC. Why he doesn't care about his own? Are they not worthy to be included in this negotiations? The answer is simple, Venezuelans don't want him, we kicked him out on Aug 2004. And he knows that.

How many Hugo Chavez are out there? The peacenik, the mafia boss, the egomaniac narcissist, the lunatic... many. But never the democratic president who cares about the interest of his own country. That face won't never show because happens he is not our President, less a democratic one. Pobre Diablo!

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