Sunday, December 02, 2007


Question 1:

NO: 50.7 %

SI: 49.29%

Question 2:

NO: 51.05%

SI: 48.94%

44.11% Abstention.

Chavez is gonna speak right now. Will he conceit?

Ok, here we go.... Chavez starts talking. He said this was a photographic finish. HA!

Then, he is congratulating the thugs of the electoral council (CNE) that minutes ago didn't let the representatives of the opposition entering the computer totalization room. He is having the fresh face to say that this was a clear process. He is asking for confidence in the process.

No way! Confidence in a Chavista institution?

He is congratulating now about the people who won, the NO people. And he is telling them that elections is "the road". Get out. Isn't this the man who gave a coup to democracy in 1992?

He said that he had a dilemma, really? He is asking for the people to understand his heart. How ridiculous.

So far... he has talk for other 10 min and hasn't said anything worthy...

People are applauding the great hero Hugo now. Discounting.

Oh no, here we go, he, after congratulate the NO people said that this was a victoria pírrica (pyrrhic victory). And now, of course, the battle speech. He said por ahora he didn't make it. An people have the balls to applaud that commentary.

He said that he could not accept the results but oh how magnanimous!, he has descended from the Olympus he live in to say that he is accepting this minimum victory. Sigh... I wonder is he believes all the bullshit he speaks. I bet the NO won by much more points and he was advised to conceit because the majority of the Venezuelans voted for the NO and if this CNE didn't give the results that the NO won, there were gonna be a lot of bad things happening tonite.

They are scared of Yon Goicochea and the student movement... This is the beginning of the end people. Hugo doesn't have people anymore! He is alone and naked. This is no time for the opposition to be caught off guard.

Well... I am tired to hear this man... will update a little later, or tomorrow.

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