Sunday, December 02, 2007

Today Venezuelans cannot go to bed!

"Those who vote NO are doing a favor to George W. Bush. Our real opponent, our real enemy is the US Empire. On Sunday we are going to deal another knockout blow to the American imperialism. Nobody should forget that it is the backdrop of the battle."

- Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

Well folks, today is the day. If Venezuelans go to bed and don't defend their votes, anyway they can (Art. 350)... then, this is it. Hugo Chavez will take over the country "democratically" (but illegaly) thanks to this electoral process.

I am hearing the news on the Venezuelan radio over the Internet, and they are interviewing somebody from the NO block, and he says that 82% has been tallied and that he is happy with the results. But he said he cannot said anything because the electoral council (CNE) is the one who needs to speak right now.

Apparently, the news is that NO won. But, I must insist, if people go to bed tonite and don't stay alert, then tomorrow they will face a very sad day.

I, personally, didn't go to vote. I live very far away from my voting poll and if you read this blog often, you already have listened and probably must feel very tired of reading my point of view on why I wasn't gonna go to vote today. However, I have been very worried about this process, and what will be happening in Venezuela today. I was kind of very stressed and nervous all day long, so I decided to go to the movies to see "The Mist", great movie by the way. Now, I am glued to the computer trying to give an update in English to all the readers who like to visit my blog.

Other important news, following the antisemitic behavior of the Chavista regime, on a very important news that happened today, Gustavo Coronel reported that the "Hebraica" Jewish school was raid by the Chavista police due to a "tip"". Could this be related to Mario Silva's antisemitic campaign against the Jews? This is the second time that the Chavista police have raid this school.

Also, General Baduel suffered and attempt of murder.

And, in reference to the electoral process the Partido Popular party of Spain complained about the lack of neutrality of the electoral council (CNE).

TODAY, everybody needs to stay in their polls and defend their vote!!!!!!!

I am leaving for a moment while Manuel Rosales is talking paja on the radio... will come back again for updates. I am not going to bed tonite, for sure.


Important news, I am listening to live Venezuelan radio on the Internet. 11:30 PM in Venezuela, and the CNE haven't spoke yet with any official result, not even one. However, the pro-Chavista news media Al-Jazeera has already given the results in the link of this news "Chavez wins venezuela's referendum": The news linked, however, doesn't have the same title, "Venezuela vote 'too close to call". Why they put this title? Do they know something that nobody knows in Venezuela at this moment? Hmmm...

This is the screen shot I captured tonite 7:34 pm PST, (11:34 pm Venezuelan time), no official reports from the electoral council yet, however note the title that Al Jazeera used to post their news:

Also, Skynews is already reporting that Chavez won:
"Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez is reported to have a won a referendum allowing him to seek re-election indefinitely."
Who is feeding then this news?

I insist, no official report from the Venezuelan electoral council (CNE) yet. This is what Reuters is saying:
"Three government ministers earlier said that exit polls and early counts by party members showed Chavez winning by between 6 and 8 percentage points, but government officials said that lead had narrowed."
Andres Velázquez picked on this Reuter news and totally discredited.


Caracas, 1 am Dec 3. No official results yet. Not even a preliminary one. Apparently, voting manually is more fast and effective, how come this is possible? They have to know the results. It's 1 am in the morning of the next day. C'mon, are you gonna tell me that the thugs don't know any results? Enrique Marquez, a representive of the NO block, was enraged giving a declaration on the radio saying that THEY WERE DENIED ENTRANCE OF THE TOTALIZATION ROOM. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT'S HAPPENING INSIDE.

To me, this sounds that once again the Chavismo is trying to cook the results.

Time for 350. Venezuelans, don't want for a call from nobody. This is the time to defend your vote.

I am keep listening to the news. The agreement of total access to the representatives of the NO block from the electoral council (CNE), hasn't been met. There is a live discussion that I am listening live on radio right now, with this representative from the NO, and Col. Antonio Benavides Torres, who is the militar in charge of protecting the electoral council (CNE). This militar is preventing the representatives of the NO to enter the totalization room.


Tibisay Lucena is talking right now. First Bulletin. Dec 3, 1:15 am. She is talking a lot of paja instead of giving the results.

She is asking to respect the results. Let's see...

Question 1:

NO: 50.7 %

SI: 49.29%

Question 2:

NO: 51.05%

SI: 48.94%

44.11% Abstention.

BULLSHIT. I am sure the NO won by far more points ahead.

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