Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Misión Espiritualidad

Updated Th 20, 9:22 AM.

Since days ago, JM has been following the steps into the newest of Hugo's lunacies, "Primera Reunión Nacional de Representantes de Religiones, Órdenes y Logias de Venezuela" (First National meeting of religious, orders an loggias representatives), called Misión Espiritualidad (Espirituality Mission) by some. Or Misión "Espiritista" by others (Spiritist Mission)

I haven't heard a world about this from the Catholic church but the protestants are taking this very seriously. I think we all should though.

What would Medea Benjamin and all the first world liberal Atheist who looove Hugo Chavez would say about this?

The Evangelicals, nor the Catholics, the Jewish and the Baptist were invited. Hhhmmmm....

This is another news source in Spanish.

To be honest, I have no idea what to make about this news.

BUT, if we link this news, with this one, I ask myself if there's any coincidence of this religious meeting an Chavez's urgency to open Simon Bolivar's tomb.

Could it be he is planning to practice some Voodoo ritual since he couldn't make it on the electoral arena on Dec 2?

On the same news, Correfoc added this comment on Daniel's blog:
" I agree on the voodoo, part, an anecdocte, over thanksgiving break I met an antropologists, Venezuelan , of course, he was telling me the incredibly powerful influence that Ch, has got on the Maria Lionza cult, so much, that HE, has become part of the iconography of the aforementioned cult, the figures one has to pary to, that we know of were, Maria Lionza, Guaicaipuro, Negro Primero, Bolivar, and for 'retruque' Jose Gregorio Hernandez....the antropologist mentioned that the high priestesses and priets have include an extra figure, that of Chavez himself.. ths has a huge significance in antropoligical term on what the power of Chavez' will has ....and it all brings me back to the comment Daniel made a long time ago, that Chavismo is not a political movement is a Religious Cult..."
And, moreover, there's something else. Remember the Chavismo wanted to time change 30 min. backwards right? Well, they did it on Dec. 9 at 3 am in the morning. The question that I want to ask to anybody to please answer me is why in this world they pick 3 am to do the time change when usually the time to make it an official time change is 12 midnight, which is the beginning of the new day.

Now, if you know a little bit about occultism, you would know that 3 am is the time that Satanist choose to do everything, mocking the 3 pm time that Jesus Christ died.

And you know what, they move the time zone to parallel 66! (not parallel!!!! Meridian!! - Thanks Gerry and Tsviski for their complains!)

Hhmmmm.... now if you put all of this on the same soup, it start to sound very weird to me. Very, very weird...

I don't believe in coincidences, do you?

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