Monday, December 17, 2007

The Trillion Dollar Revolutionary

"And the teacher says, we have everything in this school right now. We are soooo grateful for what he has done. Right, children?

Children, tell Mr. Sweeney who we have to be eternally grateful for this... and the children replied : Hugo Rafaeeel Chavez Friiiiiaaasss"

Documentary by John Sweeney for the BBC. I don't know if the reader if familiar with his work, Sweeney is a very interesting investigative reporter. I always have enjoyed his work on Panorama (the little I have seen), as well as the rest of the team who participate on that show. I particularly enjoyed to watch Sweeney's excellent documentary about the cuckoos of Scientology that is worth to watch if you haven't yet. He has been sued, dig in Mugabe's Zimbawe and even helped clear a case in the UK in which some men and women were wrongly accused of killing children. In other words, I think this journalist has a name for himself already.

Now he comes again with this excellent documentary about another cuckoo, Hugo Chavez and his trillion dollar revolution. I love it because it shows the simple evidence. I must say this guy is a brilliant journalist. So effortless.

I always say, to understand Hugo Chavez revolution you don't have to read too much about what Chavez talk, only pay attention to what he does, and you will get it loud and clear. And that's what Sweeney did.

Sweeney has a funny quote about journalism: "There are three rules in journalism. First, find a crocodile. Two, poke it in the eye with a stick. Three, stand back and report what happens next.

If it's a sodden log you'll be quite safe. If it's a crocodile you've got a story."

And, I guess exactly that happened with Chavez.

In the documentary, you can see how he poked the eye of the beast when questioning why he was sending all this money to the public London transport system while the public Caracas transport system (and all of the country! for that matter) is a total mess. And he got his croc! Chavez told him on national TV that he wasn't gonna answer such a stupid question! Bravo Mr. Sweeney!

I still don't get it. According to Chavez, it is stupid to improve the public transportation system in Venezuela, and that would be because of...? He doesn't use it?

You gotta love the "Dallas" theme song at the beginning. What better song to describe this Gucci revolution!

Oh my Gawwd! Now, this video is even better. "La Hojilla" that little filthy propaganda shown that the Chavista state channel run, also dedicated time not only to post the whole show, but to comment about it!!

Scroll to min 28:23 (the beginning is the same documentary posted in the first video) and see Mario Silva and guest talking how come this guy (Sweeney) has to be declared persona non-grata for Venezuela. :)

I think "this" guy is not scared to been kicked out of a country by a 3rd tier military lunatic. He already has been kicked out of Zimbabwe and probably have death threats from the Scientology lunatics too.

I love when Mario Silva says, "well, this guy came from London with his little angel face and asked us permission for a documentary, AND BECAUSE WE HAVE OUR FRIEND MAJOR OF LONDON IN THERE, WELL JOHN SWEENEY HAS HIS MOVIE NOW!!!!!!!!"

Hold on, what is that suppose to mean? That they were expecting some type of editorial review from Ken Livingstone on Sweeney's journalist work? Mon Dieu!

The guest also commenting this video said that Venezuelans (or Chavistas, more like it) are very naive people! And he added that how come the Tupamaros (who is a violent branch of Chavismo) allowed this man to interviewed them just like that! What? Were they suppose to kill Sweeney?

Don't miss those comments after min 28... they are hanging themselves with their own rope.

Awesome! I wish I could have heard the whole show.

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