Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yes, they are terrorist.

I am so tired of Chavez spoiled brat behavior. In a way, he is so clinically crazy that he has become so predictable.

I wasn´t gonna talk about this, because I am feed up with this show that Chavez is putting as the saviour of the Universe liberating Colombians from the FARC. Please take note I said Colombians and not Venezuelans. Not because Venezuelans are not kidnap by the FARC on a regular basis. To this moment, somewhere in the jungle between Colombia and Venezuela, they at least 24 Venezuelans kidnapped by the FARC that don´t deserve the mercy of his royal highness Hugo I the megalomaniac narcissist for some unknown reason. Oh! I know why, because Venezuelans don´t like Hugo Chavez and he knows it. It goes like this, we told him to F-off, and he shown some indifference in return. Ohhhh I am so hurt that this low life is acting like the piece of shit he is in front of the whole planet to see. At the end, he will be out and Venezuelans of the future will talk about today with shame.

Now, something that it´s important to notice in this little theater, what´s up with mudding up the Operation Emanuel show, when he finally score some points when the guerrilla finally freed Clara Rojas and Consuelo González with this video?. Btw, good observation from Liz, the two came from the jungle bathed, well feed, and even with a hair cut and maybe some makeup on, wtf. And also, what´s the point to say that he respects the FARC, that they are not terrorist. As crazy as it sounds, there´s a reason for him to defy the Nariño House with such nerve. As Pedro Lastra exposes in his most recent article that you can read here in Spanish, the lunacy of Chavez to create a conflict with Colombia and take Venezuela to war is the only path he sees to stay in power since, as I mentioned before, internally, he has very little support. Long gone are the days that Mr. Chavez had a lot of supporters. Venezuelans don´t want Chavez anymore.

I think he is about to eat what crazy people do like to eat (I hope the joke translates the same in English than in Spanish).

I mean, do he really want to be on TV 24-7 like any American Idol contestant or he wants to shine as a political figure in Latin America? The beloved leader role doesn´t fit him any longer, it has become too big for such a little figure.

I think Hugo´s last career path is Simon Cowell give him a call for him to star in a new entertaining show. He can move to Hollywood with Oliver Stone whenever he likes. He won´t be missed in Venezuela for sure.

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