Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Is Omar the flying squirrel now?

Not gonna tell you. I already know what happened to the homo thug we all have learn to love since I am watching the advance episodes on monday on HBO on demand.

For the ones who have no idea what I am talking about, I need to recommend you one of the best show on the TV, The Wire. This show was created by a writer and crime reporter (David Simon) and a police (Ed Burns - also here) from the city of Baltimore and it is based on real events. What I mostly like about this show is that every season there put a new focus on the story. For example, season one was about the problems of drugs, the second season was about the corruption inside The Port of Baltimore, the third season was about the politics of the city, the fourth about the education system, and this last one, about the media. They all interact very intimate with one another, but they all have their different flavor. This is definitely classic TV.

And the character development is really delectable to watch.

Yes, there was a real "Bubbles". And actress Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, was really a street kid who decided to go back to school and not to get lost in the streets, good for her! My fav characters? Hard to tell, Omar, Bunk, Freamon, McNulty, Kima, Sen. Clay Davis, they all are so great, definetely the criminals are so well played and they are the ones who really carry the show, Marlo, Prop Joe, Avon, Stringer Bell, "Snoop", Bodie... oh gosh, and how about Brother Mouzone? That character was so good too.

And, if you watch the show, you probably will know what's Sen. Clay Davis catchy phrase:

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