Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Venezuela's PdVSA Buys Colombian Gas Despite Diplomatic Clash

This is type of news that really make my blood boils.

Can anybody explain me and Kate, who sent this news to me why Venezuela, a country loaded with natural gas, is buying natural gas from Colombia? Hello Hugo, you have any explanation for this? I certainly would like to know.

Oh! I know, the clown of Miraflores and his helpers spend their days talking about how much they people of Venezuela needs a revolution, to independence from the colonialist evil empire, to crush those bastards, to defend ourselves from the paws of capitalism, but yet, they don't spend enough time doing some strategic thinking.

So what they do? They help Colombia's economy instead of invest in ours. They don't have money left to invest, they have taking them all, and more. I wonder if they also took the office stapler too. The thuggery is bigger than their revolutionary ideas. This is only another news that proves how much full of BS and how much of street thugs Hugo and Chavismo are. Honestly, I don't understand them. You know, you can be a thug and also invest in things that will make you richer and stronger. Brilliant work on idiocracy Hugo, just brilliant!

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