Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Will Hugo Chavez go to International Court?

Colombia said they will keep their pursuit in taking Hugo Chavez to International Court after the conflict with Ecuador has been resolved on the OAS this afternoon. Here, here and here the news in Spanish, more detailed. Nobody is untouchable. Did you hear that well Hugo?

There are some voices of concern inside Colombia for this, but I have to disagree with them. Chavez needs to be take to Justice for his acts. Not only for his cooperation to the FARC, but to crimes against humanity committed against Venezuela and Venezuelas. I hope they don't back off.

Would be great if the Venezuelan opposition take this wave too, I wish they do, if they can. I don't know how viable it is to impeach-demand a president on an international court.

Funny thing of all this business that Chavez created, is that Chavez himself was the reason on why the Colombian Army finally located Reyes. He phoned Reyes to his satellite phone after the recent liberation of 4 kidnapped people... and the Colombian Army finally could locate him. Another who falls under Hugo's curse. Maybe that was the reason on Chavez's rage and disproportionate reaction against this news.

Maybe Hugo will fall under his own curse too, oh well, I am not gonna get sad for it.

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