Thursday, March 06, 2008

Computer vs. computer...


The Chavismo has been peeing their pants about Raul Reyes' computers since they were seized.

They insist they are a plant from the "puppet" government of Uribe, that it is impossible that a computer survived a bomb attack, and that in the case these are really Raul Reyes' computers, he only used them to play solitary and bejeweled (I made up this part).

And, on the most funniest and ridiculous speech I ever seen in my entire life, Interior Affairs Minister Raul Rodríguez Chacín from Venezuela, on a high level of socialist dissociation trip, said that Raul Reyes' computers were a false, or the data in them, he wasn't too clear to specify what was false. Then, after mentioning many times that computer evidence were easy to forge and not valid, he said that they also have an incriminating computer from drug trafficker Wilmer Varela aka Jabón (Soap) caught not long ago in Venezuela. He shows this office envelop and from nowhere, voilá, he pulls a laptop like a piñata magician. You know, the whole thing was as funny as watching Monty Python. He proceeded with his show, saying that in that laptop they have incriminating evidence that links Gen. Naranjo (Chief of Colombian police) with drug dealing and bribes. Didn't he said minutes ago that computer evidence was easy to forge and not valid? Somebody asked why they didn't come up with that oh so incriminating information about Gen. Naranjo but until now, then... brace yourself, he said that they didn't because of ... ETHICS, and also, because, what for (!?), that who they were gonna give this info to, to the DEA? That this was ridiculous since the DEA is also implicated in all "this" (I don´t know what he tried to say)...

ETHICS?? To whom? To the drug dealers? LOL

Well, having said all that, and continuing with Raul Reyes' computer, Interpol just caught today the world´s biggest arm dealer, russian Viktor Bout, non other than the Lord of War himself. The original news mentioned that the computers seized from Raul Reyes were somehow part of this caught although it is not clear if this is true or not. In any case, while the imbecile we have in Miraflores is making a case that has no base, the police of the word is using the info from those computer without wasting time. Shall we ALL citizens of the world thank Uribe for this?

The difference between these computers (Reyes' vs. Jabón's) is that the Colombian put the info they caught from Reyes's computer for the world to use, they made it available to the OAS yesterday to verify its data as true, and maybe also with the hope to stop Hugo Chavez's big mouth accusing that the data from that computer is falsa de toda falsedad.

Now, when the Chavistas are gonna make available the information from Jabón's computer to the International organism to be analyzed and etc?

Big behavior difference, uh?

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