Friday, March 07, 2008

Uribe and Chavez in the Summit

UPDATED. I am listening to the Summit right now. Uribe, what a president! I have a serious case of president envy. I am very happy for the Colombian people right now. Not long ago, a Colombian friend told me how hard was to travel with a Colombian passport. So this man is working very hard to save his country, we have to understand the tragedy of Colombia, it seems nobody is putting themselves on Colombian shoes. Every single word he said was very well said. Serious, to the point. He made his case. Something very important he said, in my opinion, is that they had Reyes 6 times before in Ecuador soil, and every time they informed it to the Ecuador government, Reyes disappeared.

Watch his speech here (In Spanish).

I didn't listen to Rafael Correa.

Brasil, very serious and professional speech.

Bachelet, same line than Brasil.

Cristinita Kirchner... lame... clownesque style... but at least she was to the point.

In genereal, the presidents condemned Colombia and put on the side of the "humanitarian" talks, do I have to tell you? The populist "peace" speech. But any of them -of the ones I saw- dared to talk about the big problem that the FARC represents to our Latin American societies. Only Uribe.

And then we ask to ourselves why Latin America has so many problems? With so many clowns as Presidents?

Chavez has been talking for 15 minutes and all he has said was sad jokes, about Samper wanting him to put in in jail. And the Presidenta Kirchner laughing at his jokes. Now he is deviating to this and that to the other, to get to the point that he has been incriminated many times. He hasn't finish and don't think he will...

Chavez is talking about respect now... the nerve...

He mentioned Raul Reyes's computer, laughed and said mentioned we have to get calmed otherwise we all will get very hot... it sound like a threat to me (he was obviously referring to Uribe's taking him to International Court).

Chavez keeps talking, he has just hit the nail on the head on why Latin America is the septic tank it is. He said that Uribe wants to push the "terrorist" status to the FARC, that he "respect" that from Uribe but he wasn't gonna be shoved with it from Uribe. Then make a joke, and all the clowns laughed...

I am so ashamed to be Venezuelan right now... ufff... que papelón!...

Now Chavez mentioning the USA... of course... Chavez cannot go a day without mentioning the USA... the Iraq war, weapons of mass destruction, etc... the socialist dissociate speech...

Chavez said that Colombia is revindicating a principle that he invented himself (?)

Did Hugo knows about United Nations Resolution 1373? Could it be this and "invented" principle for Hugo Chavez?

He is asking for Piedad Cordoba, and the mother of Ingrid Bethancourt to step in in the summit.

I can hear the populist violin music sound right now...

Again, I ask to ourselves why Latin America has so many problems? With so many clowns as Presidents? That's the simple answer. These people have no interest in solving any problem for our countries.

I see Uribe's face right now on the TV and he tells me everything that I need to know. How can a serious president who is really determined to eradicate the cancer of terrorism in his country WORK with this collection of clowns that he has for neighbors?

As I am writing this Chavez is singing... coñooooooo.... that's why Latin Americans are the clowns of the world.

Chavez now mentioning Einstein... geez...

Uribe is retaking the speech and answering like the man he is to Correa, Ortega and I imagine Chavez soon...

The summit has ended and Uribe has stand and giving a hand shake and a hug to Hugo Chavez, Correa, Ortega, CK, etc... oh well... the fact that those government are pro-FARC won't end with a hug or a hand shake.

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