Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chavez finally endorses Obama

Could it be that Chavez is shit scared of this man? That's the best propaganda McCain can get. And, it's free! Chavez knows that among all the candidates, McCain is the one who is not gonna take any shit from him. Maybe even less than Bush.

I personally read this news as a very clever endorsement for Obama, not Clinton. I tell you why, Castro and Ortega already have supported Obama. Both Obama and Chavez have the same racial and social manipulation towards minorities. They both presented themselves as the minority candidate who will save the poor of the Universe. Not that Clinton is not in the same boat, but seems to me that Obama is the commies fav. candidate. So, Chavez has more in common with Obama -the emptyness of their message?- than Clinton's. In addition, The Kennedy clan, Jessy Jackson and others who are open sympathizer -and leeches- of Chavez, the majority of these radical left airheads are already for Obama.

Having said that, Chavez is very discredited among the moderate faction of the demos which is the majority, so probably he was advised to say it on an indirect way, that he is against McCain, so he won't scare demo voters off from Obama.

Now Obama only needs the official Bin Laden's and Ahmadinejad's endorsement to be the fav. candidate of the terrorist.

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