Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fitna: A movie about Hugo Chavez´s middle eastern religious friends.

In case you forgot. Here is Chavez with one of them.

A movie about the country who once was Van Goth´s. Made by the Netherlands parliament member Geert Wilders. He also have a very impressive address to the members of his Congress that you can read in here. It seems that his words are very harsh, but I am afraid that what the man is doing is addressing some facts. Is he taking out of context the Koran? The same way the radical Islam does and it haven´t been stopped or criticized by them.

Some people call Wilders an eccentric lunatic, an right wing fascist, a racist, etc... you know the drill. And, honesty, I don´t know too much about this guy. What I know is that, as a Dutch man, he is absolutely right to stand up and talk about what he thinks is good for his country. And, living in such a tolerant and free country like the Netherlands, he shouldn´t be living in hiding and in fear, as he does right now because of what he thinks. Go figure, if a member of its parliament can´t speak freely.

'Islam is something we can't afford any more in the Netherlands. I want the fascist Koran banned. We need to stop the Islamisation of the Netherlands. That means no more mosques, no more Islamic schools, no more imams... Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims.'

Free speech or hate speech? 'I don't create hate. I want to be honest. I don't hate people. I don't hate Muslims. I hate their book and their ideology.'

For more than three years, Wilders has been paying for his 'honesty' by living under permanent police guard as the internet bristles with threats on his life. He has lived in army barracks, in prisons, under guard at home. 'There's no freedom, no privacy. If I said I was not afraid, I would be lying.'

There is little doubt that if Wilders's film exists - and it's shrouded in secrecy - and is broadcast, it will be construed as blasphemy in large parts of the world and may spark a new bloody crisis in relations between the West and the Muslim world.

He does not seem to care. 'People ask why don't you moderate your voice and not make this movie. If I do that and not say what I think, then the extremists who threaten me would win.'


Well, the time has come and the movie has finally released:

You tell me what do you think of it. I say that it´s a miracle we are able to watch this movie without being it taken out of the internet because it offends Islam. Networks Solution, an AMERICAN company decided to removed it from its server. Just imagine if the western world or anybody for that matter care about what Catholics feel offended for. Nop, it is only about what might offend the feelings of the beheader.

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