Sunday, March 02, 2008

Colombian military found compromised papers from criminal Raul Reyes with Ecuatorian Government

The plot thickens my friends...

The Colombian military have found compromising documents from the FARC leader Raul Reyes' personal computers. Those documents have been linked to one of Rafael Correa's defense minister Gustavo Larrea, in which had a meeting with Reyes and COMPROMISED TO GET RID OF FARC HOSTILE ECUATORIAN MILITARY OUT OF THE ECUATORIAN BORDER, in exchange for some Ecuatorian kidnapped.

Just like Chavez... but Chavez doesn't even BOTHER to ask for an exchange for Venezuelan kidnapped.

This whole business if showing how much Venezuela and Ecuador terrorist states are supporting the criminal drug guerrilla of Colombia, who have killed and caused so much pain to the Colombian people.

If you read Spanish, you MUST read the Editorial of March 3 of El Tiempo de Colombia. English translation available here courtesy of Miguel.

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