Monday, March 03, 2008

Venezuelan opposition political parties united against Chavez's lunacies

"Today it's much easier in Venezuela to find a guerrilla member than a container of Milk"

-Antonio Ledezma
At last! They are speaking right now on the Venezuelan TV, giving a declaration against Chavez's support for the FARC and also his crazy and totally disproportionate attitude for the Colombian-Ecuador incident.

"Unidos por Venezuela" is the name they have chosen for this speech.

I support and applause this initiative. I don't support everything they have said, since Luis Eduardo Planas is taking about Colombia's intromission in Ecuador's soil. I don't think they need to fix a position in this matter, or about it, since it's not our business but for Colombia to resolve this problem with Ecuador, and also specially when it is coming to light all kinds of agreements between the Ecuador government and the FARC.

But, today I am not gonna criticize them, they need to be spoken and take responsibility as the political opposition they represent, against this warmongering position from Chavez.

And, governments of the world, please don't pay too much attention to the mambo chimp, all he wants is attention, to be labeled as a terrorist state, to become the martyr of the people, to engage in a war, an excuse to apply martial law and kill a bunch of people...

Under any circumstance we can take the war bait from Chavez.

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