Sunday, March 02, 2008

Warmongering mad man Hugo Chavez unchained bcause of the killing of FARC leader

I wish I can spend more time writing this, but I have to go right now. I just want to point out that I was watching Venezuela's supreme mad man on the TV, and I have to say, this guy is salivating to get into an armed conflict with Colombia.

I don't know what else he can do to provoke them. He just call the Colombian government a "sewer". I hope they don't take the bait and simply ignore him.

Let's recap a little bit... Colombia got into a high tech armed operation to kill Raul Reyes, who was sleeping like sleeping beauty on a frontier camp in Ecuador's border with Colombia. FARC number 2, pedophile, kidnapper, a real piece of work. Ecuador's president Rafael Correa, with all the right he has as President, wants to know if Colombia got in Ecuatorian territory on a lawfully way or not, but he also sent a message to the FARC that he doesn't want him on his territory and that they will be repelled if they come in (the same way Hugo Chavez has repelled them in Venezuelan's territory, I ask?)... In any case, he is acting properly... seems so.

I imagine Colombia and Ecuador will fix their problems pretty soon in case they have any with respect of this operation, the civilized way people do, on a diplomatic manner.

Now, the funny-tragic-pathetic thing is that out of the blue comes Chavez retiring his ambassador from Colombia like if Uribe killed a bunch of Venezuelans or something. Is the terrorist state of Venezuela representing the FARC now?

Why is he interfering with Colombia's affairs with Ecuador like this is his business?

I need to read more about this, 'cuz I am not understanding Chavez's nosy behavior right now.

I will wrote more tonite.

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