Friday, February 29, 2008

Behind the Chavista bomb attack and the invation to the Archbishop Palace

"The next five years saw a brutal dictatorship in a country that by now was notorious as the almost archetypical home of Latin American dictators. A regressive new constitution reverted to indirect elections for president by a puppet legislature. Pedro Estrada, described by historian Hubert Herring as "as vicious a man hunter as Hitler ever employed," headed the vast National Security Police (Seguridad Nacional-SN) network that rounded up any opposition, including military officers, unable to escape. Hundreds, if not thousands, were brutally tortured or simply murdered at the notorious Guasina Island concentration camp in the Orinoco jungle region. Labor unions were harassed, and the Venezuelan Confederation of Labor was abolished and replaced by a confederation under the control of the FEI. When the Central University of Venezuela became a center of opposition to the regime, it was simply shut down. Strict controls over the press recalled the worst days of the Gómez regime. Political power concentrated around Pérez and an inner circle of six tachirense colonels who held key cabinet positions. Pérez revived Gómez's old "Democratic Caesarism" doctrine and gave it a new name, the "New National Ideal," under which politics would be deemphasized in favor of material progress (dubbed the "conquest of the physical environment" by apologists for the dictatorship)."

-Richard A. Haggerty, ed. Venezuela: A Country Study. Washington: GPO for the Library of Congress, 1990. (Source here)

Yesterday, I was thinking over the bomb attack to the Venezuelan chamber of commerce (FEDECAMARAS), and the Chavista invasion of the Archbishop Palace, and Chavez father-scolding-a-child attitude like he didn't know anything about these two insurrection incidents coming from his own people.

Those two incidents had unclear motivations. The fact that they left casually a police officer credentials -with a note from some Chavista violent terrorist movement taking responsibility of the act- on the site couldn't be a mistake, but on the other hand it didn't make any sense for them to do that. Secondly, the crazy invasion to the Archbishop palace. The Devil's Excrement questioned the reasons for Chavismo to have taken this place. There was no reason, but to make noise, in my opinion. That, until today.

Now it comes very clear to me that the insurrectionist attitude of Lina Ron, Chavez most faithful lap dog who apparently acted without her master's knowledge, was pretty well planned. And, the credentials of the police officer had a reason to be left out on the site of the bomb attack to Fedecamaras.

You see, Hugo Chavez needed those two incidents to have a excuse for the law that was approved today by the Enabling Law Cabinet. It was proposed in May 2007, and it was approved today.

Chavez might have lost a "democratic" Constitutional reform referendum on Dec 2, but Happens that through Chavez's Enabling Law, he still have the constitutional RIGHT to do whatever he pleases. This comes in evidence today, when the news that he will reform the police, and make a new Policia Nacional (National Police), should we name it Nazional Police? I don't have to tell any of you what this police will do. I can bet that the 50's Seguridad Nacional will be regarded as a nice one comparing to this one. Chavez also mentioned, about this police, that there will be on the fashion of the Cuban and Nicaraguan police.

I think those two incidents make the perfect excuse and propaganda for Chavez to say that he is working to eliminate those problems of political violence and street crime with the creation with this police, that won't nothing but similar to the Perez Jimenez's Seguridad Nacional. People will think that this is good news, that at least they will be leaving without crime, but it won't be for free.

In spite of that it is costume for us Venezuelans, and for me in particular to make fun of Chavez because of his clown-esque style, this news is no joke at all.

You know, I don't know if the rest of the people are blind or I am absolutely crazy, but this news to me is Chavez sticking his reform to Venezuelans with Vaseline. He need first to control the people, to become a terrorist state, so he can do his reform as he promised in spite of people voting against it.

I don't think that after the implementation of this police, the people, anybody, will be inclined to protest, or get out of the road too much... what do you think?

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