Saturday, April 26, 2008

Richardson working hard for his VP spot with Obama

What do you know. Bill Richardson, the disloyal man who left Hillary hanging like a Christmas ornament after he endorsed Obama, is now working hard for his VP spot on Sen. Obama's presidential campaign.

Richardson is the clear Obama choice for VP. The Obama people knows that the Hispanic community, Mexican descent in its majority, are not gonna vote for a brother, so the choice has to be an Hispanic candidate.

So Richardson first move, is to make friendship with the Marxist friends of the continent.

And, so it is, he is visiting Venezuela (or Minnesota?), in order to meet with Chavez. The excuse, is the excuse of everybody, the hostage thing with the Colombian terrorist group FARC. Only Chavez can help.

So, Richardson, being the Democratic populist he is, has to partake in the hostage party a la Jimmy Carter during the Iranian hostage crisis. Ufff...

This is Jimmy Carter visiting Hamas. Their politics is to meet with dictators any time.

This visit also makes me go back to the documents found on the computer of Raul Reyes, when he had some account of an envoy of Obama stopped by to say hello. People cry loud, very loud, to say this wasn't Obama people, that Obama doesn't know (pobrecitoooooooo vale, he doesn't know shit).

Well... I dunno... I see a very reasonable assumption that those people were in fact, Obama people testing the water. As Richardson is doing the same right now. This is only another signal of what's gonna be Obama's relationship with Chavez.

Some people, of course, those talented American-Venezuelan politics experts, will see this as a good sign, after all Hugo is el Señor Presidente, no? And Richardson is Hispanic descent. This seems like good news uh? Not!

Let's not forget what Hugo Chavez is. His friendship with the presidency of the US of A would only set him for life in Miraflores. The people of Venezuela who are fighting for clear elections and Democracy in the country would be disregarded the same way that Marx disregarded the middle class who is not revolutionary. Let's not forget the way the Hispanic lobby agenda in the united states is very Marxist, the same way Chavez uses the Indigenous false pride for his own benefit, the Hispanic agenda in the US acts the same way, fueled by groups like Mecha, and the Hispanic council for the races (La Raza)... they are the Chavistas of America. Kind of the same people, eh.

We only need to wonder how much Richardson is asking Chavez to contribute to Sen. Obama's campaign.

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