Friday, April 25, 2008

The strange Minnesota-Venezuela connection

Do something like that ever happened to you, Venezuelan living in America reader? It did happen to me once. A guy asked me where I was from, I said "Venezuela", and after that, he kept telling me how cold it was. I was thinking to myself what? Venezuela, cold? So I told him, you know, Venezuela is warm all year long. He was like, aww, I though you said "Minnesota".

Minnesota? Venezuela? I honestly cannot see how come when I say Venezuela they understand Minnesota, but it must be something that Venezuelans say that native America speakers understand as Minnesota, since it's a common joke.

I had no idea. LOL.

I cannot imagine how annoying must be to be a Venezuelan living in Minnesota :)

There is even a Facebook group for this phenomenon hahaha

This little HBO Latino "Habla ..." shorts can be very funny. Don't miss the one of the Asian looking Brazilian Carla... hahahahah


mrgelk said...

Haha it's unbelievable. I'm Venezuelan, I live in Spain but many of my friends are american or English speakers, and it has happened to me at least three times. I still don't find Venezuela similar to Minnesota in pronunciation (or basicly in anything else, for that matters haha). And everytime it happens I remember this video. It's super curious.

Very cool post. ;)

FeathersMcGraw said...

Increible no? :)

FeathersMcGraw said...


Anonymous said...

I know!!!!!! It happened to me too...LOL...