Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Matt Damon for President

Some terrifying Matt Damon humor from The Spoof, enjoy

"Matt Damon is voting for Matt Damon because Matt Damon knows who Matt Damon is." With those words, actor Matt Damon launched his presidential campaign.

Damon, considered by many to be not only the world's finest actor, but also its greatest political thinker, is sure to gain support among his Hollywood friends who have already contributed 25 million dollars to his campaign fund.

Damon said he took the decision to run because he had not heard of any of the other candidates.

"Sarah Palin? Who's she?" He said. "Matt Damon doesn't know who she is. I think I saw her in a bad Disney movie once. No wait, that was me.

"And if McCain dies, then what happens? Matt Damon doesn't know.

"Why would anyone vote for anyone apart from Matt Damon? Matt Damon thinks that's absurd."

Sheeez, what was that? As soon as I saw Matt Damon talking about Palin, all I could think about was the interpretation of Matt Damon on Team America, in which everything he managed to say for the whole freaking movie was his name.

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