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Sally Quinn on Palin.

Just listen to this.

And it get´s better, read Rush´s reply to her rant. This is too good not to read it.
QUINN: I've been a working mother for 26 years and practically every friend I have is a working mother and works full time. So, uh, I think we are so far beyond that issue of whether women should work or not, in -- uh, certainly in your world and my world. But in the world of evangelicals, that's not the case. Women are supposed to be subservient to their husbands and they are meant to be stay-at-home moms. And women, in fact, are not allowed to be pastors in the Southern Baptist church.

RUSH: So now we have this. This is Sally Quinn, who is an extreme liberal feminist, now defining for us who evangelicals are and how they live, and getting it entirely wrong. Women are supposed to be subservient to men. By the way, now, you can sit and get mad at all this stuff. It's not going to do any good to get mad. You've gotta do something. You've gotta understand this, understand where this comes from. They're totally frightened. They live a lie. They do not understand half of what they believe, or more, and they act on it; they create policies based on it; and they exist in hate. They exist in hate. So it's a double standard. If you're Sally Quinn or Soledad O'Brien -- who has a bunch of kids, by the way.

Soledad O'Brien's got at least three, I believe. Two of them are twins, I think. I'm not quite sure. I confuse these Drive-By info babes. But if you're Sally Quinn or Soledad O'Brien, well, it's all fine and dandy to have kids and go to work and have the husband do whatever he does. Hire the nanny, get day care, because you are sophisticated and you understand the realities of the world. But these evangelicals? They don't buy this! Women are supposed to have babies; be barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen; never to be heard from, subservient to men. And thus Sarah Palin is disqualified because she has violated the rules of evangelical religious beliefs. It's absurd! It is insane! And yet it is not challenged. Here's more if you want to hear more. She added this to the comment.

QUINN: It's one thing to have one or two or three children, especially if they're healthy children, and everyone knows that women and men are different and that moms and dads are different and that women -- the burden of child care almost always falls on the woman. But I think when you have five children -- one a four-month-old Down syndrome baby, and a daughter who's 17 who's also a child and who is going to need her mother very much in the next few months and years with her own baby coming -- that I don't see how you can not make your family your first priority.

RUSH: When did you start caring about that, Sally Quinn? When did these people start caring about the family? When did they start caring about putting family first? When did these liberal feminists, Sally Quinn of Georgetown, start being concerned about that? So now Sarah Palin, she's not going to have time. She's not going to have time to govern. She's not going to be able to do it right because she had too many kids -- and here again, Snerdley, you lose the bet. She should not have had one that had Down syndrome. Well, no. You could have two or three. We haven't got to the Chinese one baby policy yet.

You could have two or three if you're Sally Quinn or Soledad O'Brien. But you can't have any if you're Sarah Palin and go to work, and you can't have any if you're Sarah Palin and are not subservient to your husband, and you can't have any if you're Sarah Palin and you're going to run for governor. Of course I know how infuriating it is! I've been boiling all night. I've been boiling all morning here. The point here is that the anger, you know, after awhile, then what do you do? All we can do is expose this stuff, add the appropriate commentary to it, and let people take it and digest it for what it is, because it speaks for itself. Of course it's outrageous, but I maintain to you that what's driving all of this is something very simple.

They know Sarah Palin exposes the frauds they are. She exposes them by virtue of her American life. She exposes them by virtue of her essence. She exposes them by virtue of her existence. She exposes them as the 100% lying frauds that they are: the Sally Quinns, most of the women in the media, all of the so-called feminist leaders. I told you yesterday, this is nothing more (well, it actually is more) but it's the same approach that they took to destroy Clarence Thomas, the same approach that they took to destroy Robert Bork and all the others I mentioned in that list. They destroy people who are threats. They destroy people who are threats to their template, to their narrative, to their power. They take no prisoners. They have the Drive-By Media with them, the Washington governing class, as well as the Democrat Party. It's a troika. It's a three-headed beast. That's what we're all up against.


RUSH: I'll tell you, the e-mail account is smoking as I'm sure the phone calls are smoking with reaction to the ditz Sally Quinn. Let's not forget Sally Quinn is of Georgetown. Sally Quinn is known mostly thanks to her husband. Sally Quinn has never subjected herself to public approval, therefore can make claims without measuring them against what the public actually thinks. She would be outraged if anyone began any kind of an investigation of her, to find out what her childhood was like, other than what she's written, to find out what she's done in her life that we don't know about. To have media demand that she prove her kids are her kids, by doing paternity tests. She would be outraged, she's too sophisticated; she would be insulted. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Bill Clinton a Southern Baptist? I know Jimmy Carter was a Southern Baptist. I think they both were. And, by the way, the Democrats loved 'em. The Democrats still love 'em, two Southern Baptists, the Democrats and Sally Quinn fawning all over themselves for both. Was Hillary not subservient enough? I mean, here you've got a Southern Baptist president, Bill Clinton, and I don't think he's married to anybody subservient.

I'll tell you something else, Sally, old babe, you talk about Sarah Palin not having enough time with all those kids to run around. Last I checked Bill Clinton had more relationships on the side while he was in the White House, plus a daughter in the White House, plus a wife running around. Bill Clinton was as busy as he could possibly be. Were you going to be demanding the paternity tests for John Edwards? Where's the investigation into his affair? Where's the investigation into whose kid it really is? This was a guy with no experience, nothing to recommend him to be president, and you didn't do one thing to do anything about exposing who John Edwards really is, because you didn't care to because he's a fraud just like all the rest of you are. And let's not forget Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi has five children, and she has grandchildren, and do you remember when she was sworn in as the speaker of the House? She brought all that family in there, she brought her kids, she brought grandkids, she had grandkids on the knee, she said it's time for a woman to clean the House, she said she could do it all with her kids, her grandkids, her husband, Paul Pelosi, running around.

The double standard here is striking. It's not new. It's nothing surprising. It is just glaring how overt it has become. And, by the way, none of what Clinton did interfered with his job. Bill Clinton's out there admitting to lying under oath. Bill Clinton is out there having all these different affairs, and you said it didn't affect his job performance, why, it's sex, everybody has sex. But it didn't affect how he led the country. They're just scared, folks, they are frightened as they can be. If your blood's boiling, let me turn up the temperature. Soledad O'Brien to Sally Quinn: "Why wouldn't she make the choice that many working mothers with more than one or two or even three kids make and hand that sick child off to their dad and go answer the phone? Why would that not be sort of in the realm of possibility?"

QUINN: We're supposed to say, at least in the old feminist world, that women and men are the same and they should be equal and that, you know, we have double standards. It's extremely time-consuming. We are talking about John McCain, who has chosen a woman with five children, one with special needs and a daughter, 17-year-old child who's pregnant. That is a distraction, and when you are in a position like that, suppose she became president in the next several months, she would have an enormous number of distractions on her hand. And I can't believe that she would be the dad and her husband would be the mom.

RUSH: Uh, have you heard of nannies? I go back and I recall the Bill Clinton experience. How did Bill Clinton not get distracted, Sally? Sally Quinn of Georgetown. It's a distraction to have five kids? You can have two or three. Let's go through the list, let's find out how many kids all these Drive-By Media babes have and find out how it is they still do their jobs and not be distracted by their families, because they think they're just as important as the vice president. They think they're just as big a part of government as the vice president is, maybe even more powerful than the vice president. So let's go look, let's do a little list of every female Drive-By, find out how many kids they've got, how old they are, who takes care of them and what kind of wonk husbands these people have. Of course it wasn't a distraction for Bill Clinton to have all of his affairs. It wasn't a distraction for Bill Clinton to have all these investigations into his affairs. It wasn't a distraction for Bill Clinton to be impeached because he lied under oath. See what we're up against here?
Read the rest of Rush Limbaugh´s comment here.

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