Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Apologies for a long time break. Hugo Chavez is a liar. Congratulations for the people who voted for him.

Do I need to say more?

Hello, I have been on a long time break since I have been really avoiding politics lately. Same all same all... with difference faces coming to the arena.

As far as Venezuela news, I mean, how many times I need to post the stupidity that comes from Chavez's mouth over and over again? Always the same, the man haven't change a bit. He has a new arch enemy and he is black. But the speech is the same. I dunno if I want to keep talking about Chavez or not, or Venezuela for that matter. And here in America, things are sour with the recession. I feel like the country. Depressed.

As far as the latest Venezuelan elections, this is all I want to say. Chavez won his referendum to be President for life as long as he will be elected. We KNOW he will be elected indefinitely. Fidel is dead, Hugo is alive. Congratulations to the people who still believes in a man of his word like Hugo Chavez:

The stupidity has no limits. My question is, do I need to keep blogging about this? Sigh...

I need urgent inspiration soon... cheers to all.

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