Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Venezuela's Chavez welcomes Russian warships, the first of its kind in the Caribbean since the Cold War

On May 8, 2007, this blog made a memorial post about the events that happened on May 19, 1967 in Machurucuto beach in Venezuela, when Fidel Castro and his communist ilk tried to invade the coast in an attempt to introduce communist guerrilla in the country.

It is worthy to mention the proud Venezuelan patriots who died defending their country on that bloody day of May, 1967:

Mayor (Av.) Pedro J González,

ST1 (A.C.) Jesús Eduardo Bermúdez,

Teniente (a.C.) Jesús E. Rodríguez,

Subteniente (a.C.) José Monsalve Planchara,

MT2 (a.C.) Irradio Jesús Herrera,

ST3 (A.C.) Pablo Carero Muñoz,

Teniente Coronel (A.C.) Juan Ignacio Leyceaga,

Capitán (a.C.) Diego Lavado Castillo,

Capitán de Corbeta Fabio Galipolli,

Teniente (Ej.) Leonel Ramón Tapia,

Tte. (Ej.) Abelardo Estrada Vale,

Tte. (Ej.) Lino Irribarren Forzan,

Tte. (GN) Juan Bautista León,

Tte. (GN) Andrés Moreno Uribe,

Tte. (Ej.) Jesús Ávila Paolini and,

Subteniente (Ej.) Alberto Verde Graterol, (brother of a revolutionary chavista General).

Today, we can say that the blood of those Venezuelans heroic patriots was spilled in vain and it is totally disregarded in mockery by Venezuela's communist president, Hugo Chavez, when he allowed Russian warships to arrive this Tuesday, in a (...) show of strength aimed at the United States as Moscow seeks to expand its influence in Latin America.
Venezuelan sailors fired off cannons in a 21-gun salute as the destroyer Admiral Chabanenko docked in La Guaira, near Caracas. Russians sailors dressed in black-and-white uniforms lined up along the bow.

The deployment is the first of its kind in the Caribbean since the Cold War and was timed to coincide with President Dmitry Medvedev's visit to Caracas — the first ever by a Russian president. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has eagerly welcomed the ships, basking in the support of a powerful ally and traditional U.S. rival. Via GMANews.tv.

Hugo, looking like Tony Soprano, with Raul Castro and Vladimir Putin.

Shame on Hugo Chavez and his traitors.

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