Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The "Internationals"

Just read this lovely letter by Ewan S, who post it today on a old post I made from a Carlos Ball's article.

Read this if you don't have anything better to do for 5 min, and take a bottle of Pepto Bismol before:

"If any of your childish rants had any factual accuracy I might be inclined to believe you. However all it takes is even the most cursory research to prove false just about all the idiotic claims on your blog. Do you live in Venezuela? It must be hard living in a country where the vast majority of the people (read POOR) are 'brainwashed' huh? Any other country on this planet would have jailed the RCTV folk who collaborated in a neo-facist military coup against a democratically elected government. Hugo Chavez waited until their concession ran out. The actions of a dictator? Why did RCTV play cartoons and soap operas when Venezuelans were on the streets demanding their president back? Why did the coup plotter personally thank RCTV for their assistance in the coup? Please don't embarrass yourself further with your ignorance and/or lies. Why should an organisation who collaborated in what could have been the destruction of Venezuela's emerging participatory democracy in 2002 be allowed to continue using the airwaves when millions of Venezuelans are denied that privilege? Well, not any more. Now the channel will show independent programs, home grown shows. The body that determines what is shown is neither controlled by or accountable to the government. Amazing how a little truth can cut through so many lies. I went there in 2005 and met many, many ordinary people who are emerging from the shackles that the likes of you have had on the people for decades. Rant all you like, the good people of Venezuela are moving forward, and treacherous filth like yourself who would gladly watch your people suffer and die under previous regimes, are going to be swept aside. So Venezuela is a 'dictatorship'? Why is the government not only supporting but funding the Communal Councils, local neighbourhood committies that have decision-making power over what goes on in their community? Doesn't sound like a dictatorship to me. In fact, it's far more democratic than anything that's happening in almost any country in the world today. This is a revolution, like it or not, and the Venezuelan people are behind it. The oligarchy who peer through their razor wire and intercoms, terrified that the poor in the barrios below might take their hard-stolen riches - join the revolution, you've tried to beat it time after time, you've lost time after time. You tried to shut down the oil industry, you kidnapped the democratically elected president, you lost a recall referendum (overseen by former US president Jimmy Carter and declare free and fair my many independent observers. YOU'VE LOST. You can wish all you like that healthcare, education, housing and employment are denied from real Venezuelans, you can plot and agree with the terrorist Cuban "exile" mafia in Miami and their murderous supporters in the White House, but you will never, never stop the people of Venezuela from taking back what is theirs: their own nation. So stop trying"

"treacherous filth like yourself" Say what? La tuya también carajito mal hablado...

He is questioning me if I live in Venezuela, questioning ME, Venezolana, de este domicilio, what the fuck do I know about MY country. Yet, the IP of this guy comes from Brisbane, Australia. So, I have no right to talk about my country, yet this loser can. By the way, seems that English if not the first language of "Ewan", or he has very bad English orthography (worst than mine!). Maybe he immigrated to Australian capitalism from a fucked-up country.

So what an Australian from Brisbane knows what is to live in Caracas, Venezuela, Ewan? Do you think that your little "Global-Exchange" tourist trip has making you an expert? The arrogance!

What can I make of this letter? This is not the first time Venezuelan bloggers are faced with this type of insult make it in a letter. This letter represents what some people call the "PSF" or pendejos-sans-frontiers. A whole bunch of "international" losers who doesn't have fulfilling lives in their own countries and think they can stick their noses in other people's, preferably an underdeveloped one, and yet criticize the US for doing the same on Iraq. The XIX century colonialist spirit still ruling in their minds. They think they know better. Their common characteristic of this "Internationals" crowd is that they are foreigners, and are very interested in sucking up the tit of Venezuela somehow and they don't know shit of what they are talking about. They all share communist beliefs and they want to export it to us, little fellows with brown toned skins. Why they don't experiment in their own fucking country? Why not exporting this shit to Brisbane, Australia? No. They have representatives of many political parties in their government, in their congress, which by the way, hasn't seen a military for president or prime minister in years, maybe never. So, they can talk his ignorance off from the comfort of their very capitalistic homes in Australia, or their lavish co-ops in the upper east side of Manhattan.

Ewan, I am tired to repeat this. Maybe one day, one of you, idiots (you started with the insults first), will get it. For starters, there's NO democracy in Venezuela. Let's be very clear about this, you. And that's the point on why Venezuelans are fighting the decision of a Chavista supreme court to close down a TV channel. In despite of what type of TV they show, who they support politically and the mustache of Marcel Granier. The line of the channel is totally irrelevant. The problem is the abuse of the Supreme Court to do it. This supreme court, by the way. A Supreme Court who likes to chant "Uh-Ah, Chavez no se va!" and not even hide it. I don't know about you Ewan, but I never see The Supreme Court of a democratic country chanting á la Mussolini style.

So, Ewan, you can talk about democracy when you have a government with separate powers. The supreme court, the electoral council, the congress, the executive branch composed by different people, from different ideologies, different parties. They represent then the citizens, the whole country.

What we have in Venezuela right now, is a supreme court appointed only with Chavista members by the finger of Hugo himself . An electoral council and a congress who was named by Chavez too. Then, tell me how we can live on a democratic country when a military dictatorship have seized our democracy. We are kidnapped by a bunch of criminals in our own land.

I say that after this nightmare is over, Venezuelans should hunt down these "International" pieces of shit, who have stolen money from our country and taken advantage of the situation, like Eva Gollinger, Danny Glover, and so on... they know who they are, we do too. We need to prosecute them too, along with Hugo and his party of thugs.

So, Ewan, whenever you want to come here to talk about Wallabies and Boomerangs you are welcome, but if you want to talk about Venezuelan politics, go fuck yourself.

And if you want to insult me again, I am happy to insult you back.

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